Reproductive biotechnology


RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. is a biotechnology company specialized in the production of recombinant gonadotropins and their use in product development in order to induce reproductive cycles in vertebrates.

Our company has produced over 20 recombinant gonadotropins (FSH and LH) which are specific to different species of teleost fishes, birds, reptiles and mammals in eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression systems.

In addition, RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. develops antibodies directed against FSH and LH α and β subunits and immunoassay methods (Western blot, ELISA) to detect the plasma concentration of these glycoprotein hormones in different vertebrate species.

The recombinant gonadotropins developed by RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. have shown their efficacy in the induction of reproductive cycles -gonadal maturation in males and females and collection of functional mature gametes in vivo- and in vitro assay.

Ignacio Giménez Nebot
Scientific director

José Vicente Roig Genovés


Corporate Group

RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. is an investee company of CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A., which is the parent company of a family-owned Spanish business group with over 80 years of history.

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. was founded in 1940, and, at the end of the 1990’s, it started a new expansion and globalisation stage, as well as a diversification into new strategic and high added value sectors. With an in-depth restructuring of the Group, the reorganization of all department levels and the incorporation of a new management team led by the third generation of the funding family, the projects planned in the new strategic planning were undertaken, which led to a rapid growth with a significant investment effort in the acquisition and formation of companies, in the renewal of capital goods and in research, development and innovation.

Similarly, CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. Group has made commitments that contribute to the ethical and responsible growth of all its Companies; it has been recognized with the most renowned national and international certifications of management, product and environmental systems, and it is one of the first business groups of the Valencian Community that has obtained the AENOR Penal Compliance Management System Certificate according to UNE 19601.

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. Group has focused on the compliance with the three fundamental pillars that will support the present and future of the business Group, which are the expansion, diversification and globalisation, which has involved the implementation of a balanced business model that has been able to combine successfully the old and new Activity Areas that form the business Group. This business model is currently present through the subsidiary and investee companies in several activity sectors, with a proven experience and specialization in each sector, and it has several consolidated Business Lines, with high-quality in-house manufactured products and maximum performance.

The primary Activity Areas as well as the different Business Lines that form these areas and that are currently developed through the subsidiary and investee Companies of CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. are the following: CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS (Cement, Concrete, Mortar, Aggregates), CHEMISTRY (Construction, Fuels, Agriculture), ENVIRONMENT (Treatment and Recovery of Waste, Ecoparks) and BIOTECHNOLOGY (Recombinant gonadotropin, Antibodies, Conduct of in vitro biological assays, Induction of reproductive cycles).

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. is, thus, a business Group comprised of a group of companies diversified and present in different sectors and markets, both national and international, focused on a sustained growth, the creation of jobs, the commitment with the progress of society, and the generation of a sustained profitability, in order to achieve the final purpose of any company, the creation of value for its shareholders.



Products and Services

The primary lines of research and development of RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. focus on:



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Ignacio Giménez Nebot
Scientific director
José Vicente Roig Genovés